ADHD U-turn surprise

Suffolk County Council has surprised parents and councillors by including a U-turn on the inclusion of dual approach to helping people with autistic spectrum disorders.

At the County Council meeting on the 19th September a Labour Group motion asked the council to implement two action plans, one for children and young people and a second plan for adults. The motion was defeated by 13 votes, but the details within the motion have found their way into the Health and Wellbeing Boards action plan.

Cllr Sarah Adams, Labour Group spokesperson for Health and Adult Care was delighted by the inclusion saying, “this is a victory for those people trying to improve autism spectrum disorder services. Parents have been increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress on this issue and we are delighted by this U-turn from the administration.

“Children facing problems with autism and other related issues have very different needs to adults with the same problems which is why we asked for this dual approach. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of this approach which will give greater help to those families who need it most.”

Prior to Labour’s intervention issues around autism were not included as part of the SCC Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Suffolk document, much to the concern of parents.

Cllr Adams continued, “I am very much looking forward to seeing the implementation plan which will show how this pilot will be delivered and the detailed evaluation criteria against which the pilot’s success will be evaluated.”

Councillor Sarah Adams (Lab), Shadow Spokesperson for Health and Adult Care
mobile: 07714 598000

Notes to editors
Minutes of meeting discussing the motion and the result can be found at in section 8.

Action plan for the Health and well being board can be found Part D refers to the Autism spectrum work.

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