Labour Councillors Challenge Scale of County Cuts

Labour Councillors will be challenging the cuts being proposed in Suffolk County Council’s budget for next year, when proposals come before the Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 21st November. The Labour Opposition on the County does not accept that the Council needs to retain the level of reserves it currently holds, and believes that a substantial proportion of those reserves can and should be used to cover essential expenditure over the next financial year. Much of the £200 million in reserves is necessary to maintain security or is earmarked for specific purposes, but Labour believes it could safely be reduced by 10s of millions of pounds, and the money used to support education and social care needs.

Sandy Martin, Labour Group Leader, said “There are some ‘good’ savings in here, where money can be genuinely saved by doing things better. But the vast majority are cuts. Cuts are being made by limiting the care available to vulnerable elderly people, and by failing to deliver the school improvement support and careers advice that our young people need. Even the Conservative-dominated County Councils’ Network does not believe that the current level of cuts can be sustained without whole areas of council services just collapsing.”

Councillor Sandy Martin (Lab): Labour Group Leader
mobile: 07545 423802

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