Cuts will cause long term damage

Labour Shadow Spokesperson for Health and Adult Care, Cllr Sarah Adams, challenged the punitive cuts to the Adult and Social Care budget proposed by the Conservative administration on Suffolk County Council at the Scrutiny Committee meeting last Thursday.

Cllr Adams challenged the administrations cuts, asking about the impact of these cuts to training budgets and preventative care projects. The administration is planning to cut £300,000 from staff training budgets which will potentially leave staff without the skills to provide adequate care for the most vulnerable people in our county.

Cllr Adam said; “If training is being cut this will undoubtedly have an impact on the quality of care being provided. This is a short term solution that will mean long terms costs for the county. We know staff want to have the most up-to-date skills in order to provide the best possible care outcomes for our older people, but a cut in training is at best naive and at worst a reckless gamble with people’s lives.

The Supporting People programme is also being cut to the tune of £2m. This programme provides services that help prevent older people being put into homes and allows them to live for longer independently in their own homes.

Cllr Adams added “Anything that allows older people to live safely in their own homes for longer must be a good thing, but this cut means more older people will be forced into a home before they need to. We call on the administration to increase spending on preventative measures, not cut them. We support people who want to safely live in their own homes, unlike the Conservatives who seem to want to push people into homes and cut that budget for that too.”

She added “There are some ‘good’ savings in here, where money can be genuinely saved by doing things better. But the vast majority of these punitive cuts will only harm the people of Suffolk in the long term.”

Councillor Sarah Adams (Lab), Shadow Spokesperson for Health and Adult Care
mobile: 07714 598000

Notes to Editors
Papers for the Scrutiny Committee can be found at Committee

The Conservative administration is proposing cuts of £2m to the Supporting People budget, of £6.4m to the purchasing of Care Home provision and £300,000 to training budgets. The figures can be found in the paper above.

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