Labour presses for Endeavour Card review

Following questioning from Labour Councillors on Suffolk County Council the administration has agreed to review the age limitations on the Endeavour Card.

At today’s Cabinet meeting Labour Cllr Sandra Gage asked the administration to increase the age at which a young person can get the card from 19 years old currently to 24 years old. The demand came in response to discussions of the Greater Ipswich City Deal in which councillors agreed to support the introduction of a Youth Guarantee across the area giving every unemployed young person access to work and learning.

Cllr Gage made the point that the Explore Card, discontinued in 2011, provided subsidised travel on all public transport for 16-24 year olds in education and training across Suffolk. However the Endeavour Card, brought in earlier this year after pressure to reinstate subsidised travel, only provides access to a limited number of public transport companies for people aged up to 19.
Cllr Gage said “If the City Deal and Apprenticeship Investment Plan, accepted by cabinet at today’s meeting, are to address youth unemployment in Suffolk, the Endeavour Card needs to be extended to cover the transport needs of all students and apprentices up to the age of 24.”

“I am delighted that the administration has agreed to look at the issue in order to support young unemployed people back into work and training”.

Council Leader Mark Bee confirmed that the transport Policy Development Panel or the Scrutiny Committee could review the age limitations and report back.

Cllr Sandra Gage, Opposition Spokesperson for Roads and Transport
07714 597998

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