Labour calls on Supporting People reprieve

Labour councillors today challenged the Conservative administration on Suffolk County Council to reverse the damaging cuts to Supporting People programme.

The Labour Group submitted an amendment to the budget calling on £2.0million of cuts to the Supporting People funds to be reversed. The Supporting People programme funds accommodation based services supporting homeless people, and services which help individuals with learning disabilities and mental health issues to live independently in their own homes and participate in the community.

Labour Health and Adult Social Care spokesperson Cllr Sarah Adams said; “We are now facing a period of radical upheaval in a number of areas which risks increasing the demand on services yet further. In particular the cuts to housing benefit and changes to the homelessness duty create instability which will result in increased demand for housing related support.”

She added; “Is this council really so heartless and brutal that we value putting more into the reserves over supporting some of those in greatest need in our communities? If ever there was a clear case for spending some of the ‘rainy day’ money the time is here?”

The £4.53m funding needed for the amendment would be taken from the Contingency Reserve Fund which has increased by £5.7m in the current financial year.


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