Too many young people failed by mental health services

Following the announcement that the number of children across the country being admitted to adult mental health units has increased Labour Councillors are calling on the Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust to do more to stop this terrible situation occurring.

Following Freedom of Information requests by the BBC to all Mental Health Trusts, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust came out as the fifth worst Trust of the 51 who responded. In 2011 they sent 13 under 18s to an adult mental health unit rising to 16 for both 2012 and 2013.

Labour opposition spokesperson for Health and Adult Social Care, Cllr Sarah Adams said; “It is fact that when children get sent to adult facilities it makes the chances of recovery even more difficult for these very vulnerable people.”

The Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust were called to appear in front of the Suffolk County Council Health Scrutiny Committee to answer concerns about their performance just last month. At this meeting the committee heard about staff shortages, concerns over telephone diagnosis and a host of missed targets, but no mention of children in adult facilities.

Cllr Adams said “It is a disgrace that even one child, never mind 16 children are sent to adult facilities in this county. This news comes on the back of the increasingly worrying radical redesign of mental health services and it is time the Trust started thinking about what is best for the patients, which is that they go into the most appropriate facility for their age and condition”.

She added; “I will be calling on the chair of the Health Scrutiny Committee to bring the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust back in front of us to hear how the Trust will ensure this figure is at zero next year and every year in the future.”



The report and data can be found at

For immediate release: 20 February 2014

For more information contact:
Councillor Sarah Adams (Lab), Shadow Spokesperson for Health and Adult Care
mobile: 07714 598000


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