Motion of no confidence goes to Full Council

The Labour Group will today propose a motion of no confidence in the Conservative administration’s ability to improve education in Suffolk.

Labour Councillors will argue that this administration have stood idly by and watched as the education system in the county has plummeted. When the Conservatives took control of the county council the achievement of Suffolk’s pupils was something to be proud of, now it is an embarrassment.

When the Conservatives took over other local authorities would come to Suffolk to look at how we managed School Improvement Services, looked to Suffolk for expertise on how to be a high performing local authority, but now we need to ask Hackney how to improve.

Since the Conservatives have taken control Suffolk have plummeted down the league tables, they have cut the support services and received numerous damning Ofsted inspection reports, but still this council does nothing to improve the services that have year-on-year failed to deliver improvement.

Labour Group Leader, Cllr Sandy Martin, who will be proposing the motion said; “The spiral of failure that the Conservatives have presided over needs to stop now. Successive Portfolio holders have done nothing to stop this decline and now a radical restructuring must take place to ensure that the children of this county are not left without the skills and opportunities to succeed.

He added; “We think it is time for this administration to recognise that educational failure is by far the most important issue facing Suffolk County Council, and that it is no longer tenable for the Council to fondly hope that things will just get better of their own accord. The whole of the administration needs to do whatever it takes to turn the education service in this county around.

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