Labour success in Carlton Colville traffic solution

Cllr Sonia BarkerLabour Councillors were celebrating good news in after it was announced that the council would undertake a consultation on a scheme to solve the traffic problems around Carlton Colville School.

As a legacy of the SOR process the re-sited Carlton Colville Primary at the old Gisleham Middle school had been left with dire traffic and parking issues as no provision had been made for looking into these issues. Since the old middle school closed there has been no action to improve the situation until Cllr Sonia Barker, elected in May 2013, stepped in.

Following meetings with the head teacher, Suffolk County Council officers, Labour spokesperson for Roads and Transport Cllr Sandra Gage and other interested parties, Cllr Barker and Cllr Gage identified a number of possible schemes to improve the situation.

After a meeting today (1st April 2014) the administration, working with Keir MG, have agreed to consult on and fund proposals to alleviate the traffic congestion around the school. This is a victory for the hard work and dedication of Suffolk County Labour Councillors, without whom this scheme would not have gone ahead.

Cllr Barker said; “I am delighted that the administration has finally listened to the voice of reason and agreed to move forward on this scheme. The traffic situation here around Carlton Colville Primary school is terrible and I just hope that the work is completed before there is a serious accident. When I got elected I vowed to get something done about this and I am pleased to announce the consultation will go ahead on the proposals in the summer.”

Cllr Gage, as a qualified traffic engineer herself who helped develop the proposals said; “Cllr Barker and I have worked hard to develop a scheme that is fit for purpose and solves all the problems with access to the school in one go. There are a number of problems to solve and I am confident that this scheme is the right one for Carlton Colville. It remains to be seen where funding will come from for this, though it is clear that our intervention has made the County Council realise the need to do something.”

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