Labour call for Living Wage for Home Care staff

Labour Councillors today demanded that the Living Wage be paid to home care workers when the contracts for home care visits are renewed.

Following a consultation on Home Care undertaken by Suffolk County Council the Living Wage was identified as one action the council could take to improve the lives of those people providing home care services to the most vulnerable in Suffolk.

Measures to improve the service given to those in need of home care were discussed by the Health Policy Development Panel on the 1st April. Measures included paying the Living Wage and Suffolk County Council signing up to the Ethical Care Charter developed by Unison.

Both these measures were identified by opposition spokesperson for Health and Adult Social Care Cllr Sarah Adams at the recent full council meeting at which the consultation was discussed. Cllr Adams said; “To pay the Living Wage for those that provide the home care service is the minimum we can do, it is incredible hard and vitally important service they provide and we need to give them a fair days pay for a fair days work. “

She added; “It is a step in the right direction that Suffolk County Council are thinking about both paying the Living Wage and signing up to the ethical care charter. Both these measures would improve the working conditions of those who provide home care services and increase the attractiveness of the care sector for new employees”.

Cllr Adams said; “The benefits to paying the Living Wage are greater than to just the individual, paying decent wages means the benefits bill is cut and research shows the extra money is usually spent in the local economy where it helps local businesses too. I strongly support the Council’s aims to pay a Living Wage to home care workers”.

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