20mph scheme in Rosehill gets green light

Campaigners in Rosehill, Ipswich are celebrating after it was confirmed that the proposed 20mph scheme in the area has been given the green light to proceed. Labour Councillors have been working with the local community to get the scheme up and running and are looking forward to hearing when work will commence.

Labour councillors and local campaigners presented a petition to Suffolk County Council earlier this year to implement a 20mph zone across a number of roads in order to combat rat-running, inappropriate speeds and gridlock around residential areas. This petition ensured that the council reviewed the proposed scheme.

At a County Council Speed Limit Policy Development Panel meeting to discuss the proposal the administration finally agreed to take the Rosehill Scheme to the next phase. This will involve KierMG fully designing and costing the proposals ahead of carrying out the required work.

The petition collected over 300 signatures in support of the scheme which will create a designated 20mph zone around Rosehill Crescent, Rosehill Road, Alston Road, Alan Road, Newton Road, York Road, Tomline Road, Upper Cavendish Street, Cavendish Street, Devonshire and Gladstone Road. The 20 mph limit would be mandatory and enforced by the police.

And finally, after over a year of perseverance by Labour councillors, the Council have agreed in principle to support the scheme.

Campaigners believe the advantages of such a scheme would be drivers would be put off from cutting through. There would be signs clearly designating the streets as 20mph and as a designated residential 20mph area they believe there would be strong disincentive for non-residents to use these roads.

Mr David Frost, of Rosehill Road, has been instrumental in getting the scheme approved said; “I am obviously delighted that the scheme is going ahead, this will mean rat running is cut and the risk of serious injury to someone is cut. This is a good day for the Rosehill area”.

Local Labour County Councillor Mandy Gaylard who has been supporting the campaign said; “It is fantastic news that the scheme has got the green light, but after over a year of knock backs from the Council I won’t stop pushing for this scheme until the last sign is erected and the work has been completed. We need to keep the pressure on.”

Sandra Gage labour Spokesperson for transport, and a Member of the Speed limit Policy Development Panel said; “This is another area Ipswich Labour Councillors have campaigned for, to get residential 20mph limits. The last time a scheme like this was introduced, in the Britannia area, was during the Labour County Administration in 1995. Whilst nationally 20mph limits have become common place in towns & cities, in Ipswich we have to apply for them piecemeal. Suffolk County Council could have saved residents and local Councillors all this work, by just making all residential areas 20mph. I applaud Mandy, and other Labour Councillors hard work.”

For more information contact

Cllr Mandy Gaylard, St Helens Division Tel: 07714 597991

Email: mandy.gaylard@suffolk.gov.uk

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