Labour call for Living Wage for all council workers

Labour councillors have today challenged Suffolk County Council to implement the Living Wage to all those who work for or are contracted to the county council in order to secure a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work for many thousands of Suffolk employees.

The Living Wage is an independently-set hourly rate of pay which is judged to give working people a wage which enables them to meet the true cost of living. This figure is currently £7.65 outside of London.

Labour are calling on the County Council to become a fully accredited Living Wage employer, joining over 800 other companies and Local Authorities. In order to become accredited the Council will have to show that all its directly employed staff are paid the Living Wage, and will also have to show a commitment and progress towards paying the Living Wage to all those staff who are working for contractors.

County Council Labour Group Leader Sandy Martin, who will be proposing the motion said; “The Living Wage is one of the most important campaigns in this country. It is just plain wrong that we are paying people with vital frontline jobs in caring and cleaning and clerical work so little that they have to claim tax credits and housing benefit just to feed their children and pay the rent. People in work should be able to earn enough to lead decent lives.”

The Living Wage campaign started in 2001 and is supported by a huge number of organisations and individuals from across the political spectrum.



1. Details of the Living Wage and the accreditation process can be found at

2. The text of the motion is:

This council supports the introduction of payment of the Living Wage to all of its directly engaged staff, and resolves to extend the Living Wage to all its contracted and sub-contracted staff.  To that end it will:

  1. undertake investigations into the cost of fully implementing the Living Wage;
  2. adopt a policy of supporting the Living Wage in procurement, and a programme for new and renewed contracts that fulfils that policy; and
  3. seek accreditation as a Living Wage employer through the Living Wage Foundation.

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