Guarantee to keep all of Suffolk’s Children’s Centres open and active

Suffolk Labour Group have a petition on calling on Suffolk County Council to stop the closure of Children’s Centres across the county. There is still time to sign the petition which can be found at:

The text of the petition reads

Our children need a healthy and stimulating start in life. Suffolk has some of the greatest contrasts between rich and poor anywhere in the UK. People in the richest Wards live on average over 10 years longer than people in the poorest Wards. Suffolk has some of the highest achieving and some of the worst achieving schools in the country. It is wrong, in a prosperous county like ours, that so many children should be born to fail.

We need Children’s Centres in places where they are easily accessible by parents without cars, where every parent knows that they can get help and support they need. A Children’s Centre is more than a building – it is the staff and the services that are offered which make it valuable – but without a local and recognisable building, parents will not know where they can go or be able to access a whole range of different services.

We call upon the Conservative administration at Suffolk County Council to halt the closure of centres, the cuts to staff and the restrictions to services, and to guarantee to maintain the Children’s Centres service at least at its current level.

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