Concerns over police sickness levels raised

Further concerns about the impact of cuts to frontline services have been raised at a meeting of the Police and Crime panel.

The Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner announced that a further round of front-line service cuts will take place meaning 83 front line officers and 3 PCSOs will be made redundant with a further 38 staff members losing their job.

Concerns have already been raised about how the service will be able to continue at its current level, and will still not save enough money to balance the budget. The impact of these cuts will be felt not only by members of the public who will be left with a significantly reduced service, but will also impact on those officers and staff who remain in the service as they have to pick up extra tasks and responsibilities.

Labour Spokesperson for Public Protection, Cllr Peter Gardiner is concerned that having got the numbers of staff unavailable for work through illnesses under control this latest round of cuts will lead to sickness levels rising again leaving the Suffolk Constabulary even further stretched.

Cllr Gardiner said; “Whilst the books have to be balanced removing front line officers from their duties is not the way. This will only increase the pressure on those officers that remain and will inevitably lead to a rise in sickness levels within the police”.

He added; “Mr Passmore has decided to announce this cut at a time when there is only one more public meeting that he is due to attend which gives the public no chance to let him know what they think about this next round of cuts to our police”.


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