County Council services at threat of collapse

Vital help for elderly, disabled and young people will go by the wayside if Suffolk County Council makes its proposed £30 million of cuts, Labour Councillors warned today.

Services hardest hit will be Adult Care, and Children & Young People, which between them lose around £18 million from their budgets.

The “transformation projects” – “Supporting Lives Connecting Communities” and “Making Every Intervention Count” – represent over £11 million of reductions in the amount of money spent on frontline services.  People who rely on these services include those with physical disabilities, those with learning disabilities, children at risk of abuse, and families who need additional support.

The total funds available for Suffolk County Council are being cut by £30 million for the coming year, and the government has proposed that they should be cut again by another £30 million going into 2016-17 and again by a further £12 million in 2017-18.

“People need to decide whether we want to live in a decent society” said Councillor Sandy Martin, Leader of the Labour Group.  “The present government seem to think that care of our children and young people, the needs of disabled people, and the protection of elderly people, are all secondary issues.  Otherwise they would not have continued to cut Local Government harder than virtually every other are of public spending.”

Total estimated funds for the coming year will be £487 million, as opposed to £516 million last year, but actually when natural cost pressures such as increasing population are taken into account, the Council would need to spend at least £530 million just to stand still – leaving a gap of over £40 million pounds.


Notes to Editors

The budget proposals will be discussed by the County Council Scrutiny Committee on 26 November 2014 at 10.00


Papers can be found at Committee

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