Open letter to Councillor Lisa Chambers

Open letter to Councillor Lisa Chambers, SCC Cabinet member for Education & Skills about the missing report from Northern Education.

Dear Councillor Chambers

In March of this year we read in the EADT that the Northern Education consultancy had been engaged to prepare a report on various aspects of education in Suffolk, including school improvement strategy, scrutiny by external experts, and the quality assurance of the Learning Improvement Service. The main focus was to be guidance on the preparation of an effective action plan to deal with the areas where the council was failing to ensure adequate education in this county, and particularly in the Learning Improvement Service.

In April of this year you told us the consultants had been commissioned until July, and so it would have been reasonable for us to expect publication of their report during August. At the 18th September Full Council we asked you when we could see this document and you assured us that the draft was being finalised and that we would see the document “in the coming weeks”. At the 23rd October Full Council we again raised the fact that we had not seen any indication that this document has been published. You assured us that we would see this document in full within a “couple of weeks”.

It has now been over four weeks since you gave us that reassurance. We do not now believe that you have any intention of letting us – or the parents of Suffolk – see this document. You now need to explain to the people of Suffolk why it is that you are determined that they should not see the report. The only logical explanation for your refusal to publish the document is that it is seriously damning about your failure to provide an adequate Learning Improvement Service to Suffolk’s schools.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Sonia Barker
Opposition Spokesperson for Education and Skills

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