Labour Slams County Cuts

Following the release of Suffolk County Council budget for 2015/16 Labour Councillors have warned that vital help for elderly, disabled and young people will disappear as the Conservative administration makes another £30 million of cuts.

The papers release today confirm that £6 million will be cut from the support programme for older people; that £5.1m will be cut from Children’s and Young People budget; that £4.1m will be saved from Health And Social Care, the list goes on.

And all the while the County Council’s reserve of cash has grown from £74 million in April 2010 to £165 million on 31st March 2014. The Labour Group believe that some of this money should be used to reverse the budget reductions and closures of community facilities outlined in the budget papers published today.  Amongst the services Labour will seek to protect will be School Improvement, Children’s Centres, Voluntary Sector Grants and help for people to leave hospital.

Cllr Sandy Martin, Leader of the County’s Labour Group said; “Clearly the County needs a Reserve in order to be financially prudent but it doesn’t need that Reserve to mushroom year after year after year.  There is every reason to use some of that money to boost public services in Suffolk. Unless we reverse some of the Tories’ cuts, the damage caused will cost the people of Suffolk far more than any money ‘saved’”.


For more information contact:

Councillor Sandy Martin (Lab): Labour Group Leader

Mobile: 07545 423802 email:


Twitter: @SuffolkLabour

Notes to editors

The papers for the cabinet meeting can be found at

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