Labour calls for central option on third river crossing

Labour Councillors have today called on the Conservative administration at Suffolk County Council to consider the wishes of the majority of residents in Lowestoft and support the building of a central third river crossing.

Councillor Len Jacklin proposed an amendment that highlighted the need to ensure that any decision on the location of the third river crossing in Lowestoft took into account all the facts. The WSP report into the location of the report did not take into account the costs of compulsory purchase orders amongst other things. This means that the option preferred by residents – the central option – has not been fairly evaluated.

Cllr Jacklin proposed an amendment to the motion which read:

Before proceeding further with any bid for the construction of a third crossing of Lake Lothing in Lowestoft, this Council will re-examine the findings of the WSP report, taking into consideration costs for compensation and land acquisition not included in the report.

This council will reassess the economic benefits and costs of the two possible crossing locations, including the assumptions based on figures provided by ABP, and, taking into consideration and respecting the needs and wishes of the people of Lowestoft, prepare a more robust and viable case for a central crossing, in order to secure the support of New Anglia LEP for this scheme.

Cllr Jacklin said; “The most obvious site for the third river crossing is the Central option. It requires minimal disruption during its construction, it links directly with the northern exit from the town via the new spine road link and the southern access has been in place for years via Belvedere Road. The existing infrastructure is and was always planned to be at the Central option site. We could not understand why it original motion to SCC did not mention the central location at all. It is madness that the Tories want to ignore all this work and back a location for the bridge that no resident wants”.

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