Letter to Lowestoft Journal – Carlton Colville road safety

The following is a letter published in today’s Lowestoft Journal.

Dear Sir,

I have noticed in a recent publication of this paper that there has been a misleading account of who has brought about the planned works to resolve road safety at Carlton Primary School.

It has taken a long time to get where we are now, and much pressure has been brought to bear by local Labour Councillor Sonia Barker on Suffolk County Council to firstly acknowledge the problem they left the school with after School Organisation Review, and secondly that they would need to propose new and improved footways and crossing points, encouraging walking and cycling to stop the gridlock outside the school from parked cars.

The Carlton Colville Primary school journey to rid the school of the daily chaos did not start with the petition from residents, as reported on the front page of the Lowestoft Journal on 6.2.15. As early as June 2013, Cllr Barker began meeting with the school head teacher, Carlton Colville Town Council and school parents. As Cllr Barker’s Labour Councillor colleague at the County Council I attended a few meetings, and helped put together the initial highway plans, Sonia has worked tirelessly over the last 22 months, attending or holding a total of fifteen meetings, sent numerous emails to Conservative Cabinet Members for Education and Transport Lisa Chambers and Graham Newman who should have dealt with this years ago.

Lowestoft Journal news editors should know this, given you have sent photographers on at least two occasions to the school to photograph and report Cllr Barker’s efforts following two occasions when significant progress had been made, thanks to her hard work . I would hope that our local media can offer readers a balanced account of stories, as they develop, rather than allow one individual to capitalise on someone else’s months of hard graft.

I have witnessed Cllr Barker as a retired teacher and newly elected Councillor for Pakefield, work hard over the months for Pakefield parents of pupils at Carlton Colville, and I hope the local papers acknowledge this in the coming weeks as more details of the County Council’s £140,000 scheme proposals are announced.

Cllr Sandra Gage,

County and Borough Councillor for Rushmere, Ipswich

County Labour Spokesperson for Roads, Transport and Planning


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