Labour wins Children and Adolescent Mental health service motion

Labour councillors today unanimously won a motion at a meeting of Suffolk County Council calling on the administration to use all their influence to improve the provision of Children and Adult Mental Health Services in the county.

The motion, which was supported by every member of the council, called on the administration to use all its influence to ensure that there is improved Tier 4 provision where it is appropriate within Suffolk.

Proposing the motion was Cllr Sarah Adams, Labour Spokesperson for Health and Adult Social Care. She said; “it is vitally important that pressure is put onto those organisations that procure beds for Tier 4 provision. This motion was brought to full council because as we saw at Health Scrutiny last week young people in crisis are still not getting the care they need. We are delighted that the Conservative administration has supported to motion, but now we will be holding them to account. Words are easy in the debating chamber, action is much harder. Only time will tell if they truly support this motion.

Cllr Helen Armitage, Labour Spokesperson for Children’s Services who helped develop the motion said; “Mental health issues are transient, but childhood mental health issues are often more persistent; at least half of all mental health problems in adulthood start during childhood. Treating sufferers early on in life helps reduce the risk of taking these problems into adulthood, improving their life prospects, as well as saving a lot of money down the line.

She added; “Any influence this council can bring to bear will be welcome for those who require CAMHS services in the future. I believe there is now the opportunity to make a huge difference for our most vulnerable children at the time of their greatest need.

The full text of the motion was
This Council believes that sending children and young people with mental health problems to out-of-County placements can damage their recovery, increases the risk of a lack of places, and incurs additional costs that could be better spent on preventative work. This Council calls on the Administration to use all necessary influence and resources to ensure that we develop appropriate Tier 4 provision in Suffolk for psychiatric care for children and young people, in conjunction with the CCGs, at the earliest possible time.

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