6th September: A Busy Day for Suffolk Labour Group

Sunday the 6th was a busy day for the entire Suffolk County Council Labour Group. As two of the biggest events on the calendar just happened to be held at the same time, Suffolk’s Labour Group did their best to get stuck in to both.

Just over the border in rural Norfolk, a crowd of 3000 gathered at Burston to remember the longest strike in British History (1914-1939). The strike began when teachers, Annie and Tom Higdon, were sacked by the area’s school management committee after a dispute over pay. The following day, teachers and schoolchildren alike went on strike. After all this time, their actions are commemorated at the Burston Rally with a march that follows the original one they took in 1914.

This year had added spice due to Labour Leadership Candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, appearing as key note speaker. And, regardless of your leanings or loyalties, it must be said that his speech was excellent. Despite having to stop half way through to allow St John’s Ambulance volunteers to see to someone in the crowd that had collapsed on this bright hot day, Mr Corbyn delivered a fireblazing speech to the enormous host of people that had gathered to hear him.

Meanwhile, in Ipswich, the annual Multicultural Festival was in full swing. The Festival, which is in its 5th year and featured bands such as Son Yambu and the Mad Hare Marching Band, was very well attended yet again. Present at the event, Cllrs Bryony Rudkin and Sarah Adams said “The Multicultural Festival in Alexandra Park organised by the Bangladeshi Support Centre was once again a brilliant success. The sun shone, music and dancing were enjoyed by a variety of people and everyone was smiling.

Again, the people of Ipswich and Suffolk had a wonderful day for family and friends building communities and celebrating our cultures.

We look forward to another fabulous event next year.”

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