Petition: Save Our Community Transport

Suffolk County Council are imposing changes to Community Transport in the County, cutting funds to Community Transport by 50% and turning voluntary community services into tendered commercial bus services. This decision was made by the Cabinet without consulting existing transport users, including disability groups, or listening to the concerns raised by transport providers.

These changes will turn Suffolk community transport into commercially run business, whilst cutting funds, putting these vital services at risk.

We believe Community Transport is essential for Suffolk people who have no viable alternative to live independently.

We call on Suffolk County Council to reconsider their decision to put community transport out to tender, and to reverse the cut to funds by half.

We, community transport users and concerned residents of Suffolk, have not been given the opportunity to describe the effect that cuts to the service will have on our lives and the lives of our relatives and friends.

We demand that any changes to Community Transport services are debated at Suffolk County Council’s Full Council before any contracts are tendered.

Please sign the petition by clicking here11905649.

(Only Signatories with a Suffolk address will be accepted)

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