“Arrant Hypocrisy”: Labour Councillors Verdict on Government’s Budget Settlement

Labour Councillors today said that the Government’s budget Settlement for Local Government has given us nothing new.

Sandy Martin, Labour Leader said, “So far as we can tell at this stage, there is very little difference between the dire predictions on which the budget scrutiny last month was based, and the figures that have been released today.”

“The government has spun this settlement as giving local authorities the ability to deal with the looming crisis in Social Care.  The fact is that the crisis was caused by government cuts in the first place – made worse by the refusal of Suffolk County Council to spend the money needed on buying safe and adequate social care.”

“The government is not proposing to give councils any new money. In fact, the money they are talking about is Council Tax payers’ money, which they are “allowing” Suffolk County Council to raise.”

Cllr Martin concluded by saying that “This is arrant hypocrisy – for 5 years they have told us we have plenty of money and don’t need to raise Council Tax… and now they are trying to make increasing Council Tax sound like they really care.”

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