Suffolk’s GP Time Bomb

Growing waiting times, lack of access and falling recruitment will cause serious problems in Suffolk’s already overstretched GP provision, unless radical action is taken.

With the closure of Oulton Medical Centre by CQC and the recent black alerts at John Paget and West Suffolk Hospitals, Suffolk’s healthcare provision is beginning to crack under the weight of Conservative Austerity.

Patients are increasingly finding it difficult to access their GP for an appointment, especially in rural areas where GP numbers are decreasing. With recruitment down and Suffolk’s population not only growing, but growing older, GP provision is already reaching breaking point. The recent black alerts in the County’s hospitals were in part caused by patients, who are unable to access a GP, going to A&E instead.

This situation will only get worse until proper investment is made in the Health service and greater emphasis is placed on making a career in medicine a realistic career choice for Suffolk’s youngsters.

Ultimately, this stands as proof that Conservative Austerity is bad for your health!

Sarah Adams, Labour Spokesperson for Health and Adult Social Care

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