Fire Service Motion Voted Down by Conservatives

The Cross-Party Motion calling for Suffolk County Council to reverse planned cuts to the Fire Service was voted down by the ruling Conservative Group, today at Full Council.

The Conservatives voted against the motion despite the FBU petition of over 5,000 signatures, which was accepted by the assembled council only minutes before the debate began, calling for the reversal of the Fire Service cuts.

Labour Group Leader, Sandy Martin, who put forward the motion alongside the Liberal Democrat Leader, said “The county-wide campaign that was involved in collecting the petition represents the true voice of ordinary Suffolk people. I am surprised, enraged and bitterly disappointed that the Conservative Group have so brazenly ignored the will of Suffolk’s residents to vote against this motion.”

He continued, “It has been proven time and time again that this County does not want its Fire Service cut by this Administration. I know I speak for all the Labour Group when I say that we will continue to do all we can to resist this dangerous course of action taken by the Conservatives.”

Suffolk Firefighter, Roy Humphreys, who attended Full Council, said “I really don’t know what to say.  You really don’t join the Fire Service because you like making a political fuss, but the work done by the County’s on-call and Full-time fire crews is incredible and we’re already spread so thin. The petition, the consultation responses we collected, everything shows that these cuts aren’t wanted. “

He concluded by saying “Suffolk’s Firefighters will always put the public first and we will always do the best we can. I really think, though, that these cut puts the public at risk, as it does fire crews. This will make an already difficult job even more difficult.”

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