St. Helen’s Street and St Margaret’s Street – Travel Ipswich Works Are Back

Having delayed and then cancelled the last stages of Travel Ipswich in 2015, kept all residents and local Councillors in the dark on whether this major project would ever be completed; Tory Suffolk County Council finally announce that works are about to start on Majors Corner improvements.

Cllr Sandra Gage, Labour Spokesperson for Transport comments “Ipswich residents and Councillors have asked for months what has happened to the final stages and completion of Travel Ipswich. Without all planned works completed the promised easing of traffic congestion around the town has been difficult to see. I have always been supportive of the principles of Travel Ipswich, but the County Council’s delay in getting on with Majors Corner and Woodbridge rd/Argyle Street junction improvements has left Ipswich residents feeling that almost two years of roadworks disruption due to this scheme had been for nothing. North East Ipswich residents have not really seen any benefit from Travel Ipswich. I hope now that will change.”

Cllr Mandy Gayland, Labour County Councillor for St Helens commented “Majors Corner has always been a traffic pinch point, forcing traffic to make a difficult manoeuvre right where there are pedestrians crossing and buses stopping. I have repeatedly asked the Council to get on with these works, and am very pleased to hear that work is finally about to start. I have also asked for the new street lights in St Helens Street to be finished, and something urgently to be done about the road surface at Woodbridge Road/Argyle Street junction. Both are long overdue. I’m optimistic that my lobbying for St Helens is finally beginning to pay off”

Cllrs Sandra Gage and Mandy Gaylard

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