Labour Group Statement on Hate Crime

In recent days, tension which has been building up over the last few months has threatened to boil over, following the vote to leave the EU.  Now that the decision has been democratically taken to leave, The Labour Party, and Suffolk’s Labour Councillors, will work with everyone who wants social justice for our County, whether they voted for the UK to leave or remain.

However, the Labour Party – both nationally and locally – cannot and will not allow a vote for leave to act as any sort of validation for the racial abuse and discrimination of minorities within our peaceful communities.

We are proud of Suffolk’s strong stance against racism, as we are also proud of the warmth and diversity of Suffolk people – with a tradition of welcoming people from a broad range of countries, cultures and faith systems.

It is for this reason that the entire Labour Group in Suffolk wholeheartedly endorse the ‘Suffolk Solidarity’ campaign and we were very pleased that Suffolk County Council followed suit through a unanimous vote at the last session of Full Council.

On behalf of the Suffolk County Council Labour Group

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