Labour’s Apprenticeships Motion Passed

Labour Group Apprenticeship Motion represents a great opportunity to improve the prospects and skills of young people

Labour Motion calling on the Council to take a more pro-active approach to apprenticeships was voted through with cross-party support at yesterday’s session of Full Council.

The Motion called on the Administration to investigate new ways to ensure that the Council secures the maximum number of high quality apprenticeships through procurement and that the County Council adheres to new Government recommendations by raising the proportion of apprentices to 2.3% of the authority’s workforce. The Motion’s most salient point, however, was that the Administration should consider establishing Suffolk County Council as an ‘Apprenticeship Training Agency’.

Labour Group Spokesperson for Finance, Len Jacklin, who proposed the Motion, said “This motions reasonable request – that the Council explores new ways of encouraging apprentices in both the private and public sectors – should not represent a serious cost to the Council, but represents a great opportunity to improve the job prospects of young people across the County.”

Cllr Jacklin continued, “In these uncertain economic times, it is the duty of all of us as elected representatives to ensure that the long-term economic stability of the County is secured. The success of this motion means that the next generation will be better prepared to meet the challenges of the future and that businesses will be able to access a skilled and able workforce.”

Cllr Keith Patience, who started his career as an apprentice and seconded the motion, said “For a 21st Century workforce, we need to make sure our unskilled youngsters can get the skills they will need for a career within growth industries, such as renewable energy, engineering and creative technology.  By securing a better apprenticeship programme, the Labour Group has helped many young people throughout the County.”

One thought on “Labour’s Apprenticeships Motion Passed”

  1. Well done Len for proposing this successful motion and the LG team. Getting cross party support for policies and schemes such as this is what real politics is all about!

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