GCSE Results show improvements in many Schools across the County, but some are still struggling

While early signs suggest that there has been some improvement across Suffolk, the picture is still of a mixed bag with a number of School’s continuing to struggle.

This year’s GCSE results come amid enormous change in the way that GCSE results are undertaken and measured. New Government policies now force 17 year olds who received a D grade or lower in English or Maths last year to re-sit, meaning that more students overall were sitting the test. In addition to this change, the new ‘Progress or Attainment 8’ approach, which is designed to measure pupils progress throughout their school life, also comes in to effect. The impact that both these new procedures will have is not yet known either nationally or locally.

Labour Group Education Spokesperson, Sonia Barker, said “I’d like to offer my congratulations to all pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff, as well as parents and carers, across Suffolk who all worked so hard to achieve these results. It is a credit to your dedication and perseverance in a time of great change and confusion in education.”

On the new Progress/Attainment 8 measurement, Cllr Barker said “While I consider the new measurement to be fairly progressive, there are wider issues that need to be considered. There is a contradiction between introducing a new results system that obliges local government to take more responsibility for education, while pushing towards ever greater levels of academisation, making schools less accountable to local government and the local communities that the schools serve.”

Cllr Barker continued, “Due to this contradiction, we shall have to wait and see whether this new system is workable long-term.”

SetWidth160-2013-05-14 Sonia Barker informal WS

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