Town’s Engineering History Celebrated at the Ipswich Transport Museum

Ipswich Transport Museum has recently completed a project to display previously unseen vehicles and models of Ransomes & Rapiers crane and construction machinery. To celebrate and acknowledge this, the Museum is now displaying historic footage not seen for decades.

Following a funding grant from County Councillor Sandra Gage, a screen to enable viewing of archive and newly re-produced historical material of Ransomes and Rapier works in action, is now installed in the new for 2016 Ransomes and Rapier Room at the Museum.


(Above: Cllr Sandra Gage handing over a cheque for £360 to fund the TV screen in the Ransome & Rapier Room, with Eric Mouser, Eddie King and Chris Turland from the Ipswich Transport Museum.)

Sandra Gage said “The agricultural and construction machinery produced in Ipswich from the early twentieth Century was second to none. Even today, it is quite common to find machinery, such as cranes, lock gates and more still in use across the world. I, like many Ipswich residents, have family connections with Ransomes & Rapier, so I am very pleased to have been able to help complete this important new display”

Not everyone who visits Ipswich realises how impressive the transport and engineering history of Ipswich is. Ipswich Transport Museum offers a unique experience of over 100 major transport and engineering vehicles. All built or used in the town. Open during school holidays and Sundays and Bank Holidays through most of the year, this Saturday 1 October the Museum is holding a special ‘Classic Vehicles Day’. Many of the vehicles are rare and include buses from 1920’s up to present day with Ipswich Buses running a special route 4 service for the event and an opportunity to see the brand new Enviro200 bus, not yet on our roads!

The Transport Museum in Cobham Rd is open 11am to 4pm this Saturday. A chance to see the just restored Dennis Ace ‘Flying Pig’ bus, the new Ransomes and Rapier Room, ride on an old bus, and so much more.

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