Councillors provide Locality Budget funding for Brickmaker’s Wood

The £250,000 regeneration of Brickmakers Wood received another boost, as local Councillor, Mandy Gaylard, has provided an addition £2,000 for a decked pathway to enable easier access for disabled visitors.
The Wood is run by Eden-Rose Coppice Trust, a charity which provides respite for people with cancer and outdoor education programmes for children and adults with disabilities, mental health challenges and other groups in the local community, and is the brainchild of Rob Brooks a local former inventor. He started the charity after mum died of cancer and then during the charities formation he battled his own cancer. Mr Brooks founded the trust to turn areas of neglected and misused wasteland into nature-filled retreats where people with cancer can have quiet, stress-free times as they face the end of their lives. Since work began on the Ipswich site, the formally unused space has become a local oasis and the site of a number of smaller building projects, such an outdoor amphitheatre, which was completed in March.
Cllr Gaylard said, “I think it’s a wonderful thing to have a site that is as peaceful as Brickmakers Wood in the middle of urban Ipswich. As cuts to vital services and voluntary organisations bite ever deeper, Eden-Rose Coppice Trust is a charity that does excellent and important work supporting people that are fighting Cancer. The need for stress free and tranquil surroundings is all too frequently overlooked when it comes to end of life care. And the project’s work with young people, getting them learning outside, is also very much needed within the community.”
Cllr Gaylard continued, “I’m proud that this project is within my division and very happy to provide the funds needed to allow for easier access for disabled visitors, so that more people can appreciate the site.”


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