Labour County Councillors provide £1,800 in Locality Budget funding for Ipswich Transport Museum

Founded in 1965, with a collection of over 85 exhibits that is second to none in the country, the Ipswich Transport Museum provides an invaluable leisure and educational resource to the Ipswich community.

The Ipswich Transport Museum has one of the largest collections of transport and engineering exhibits in Britain devoted to just one town – everything on display was either made or used in and around Ipswich, telling the unique story of Suffolk’s county town from a transport and engineering perspective. Since 1988 the Museum has occupied two thirds of the former Priory Heath Trolleybus Depot, which has been slowly transformed by volunteers from a redundant building into a welcoming venue for the community.

As part of ongoing efforts to improve facilities and the public’s experience of the displays, the Labour Group of Councillors on Suffolk County Council have stepped forward to provide the museum with £1,500 of locality budget funding to purchase five new interactive screens. Each screen can be controlled by a touch screen, giving visitors a choice of watching up to 5 videos about the exhibits, which will help to highlight different features of particular vehicles and allow viewers to delve in to the history of the collection. In addition, Cllr Gage has given an additional £290 for the purchase of new uniforms for the museum volunteers.

itm-1(From Left: Cllr Sarah Adams, Colin Prime, Cllr Peter Gardiner, Chris Turland, Cllr Bill Quinton, Eddie King, Cllr Mandy Gaylard and Cllr Sandra Gage)

Speaking on the new equipment, the Volunteer Coordinator at Ipswich Transport Museum, Chris Turland, said “Ensuring that the general public can get the most out of the museum is an absolute priority for everyone here. The screen sets will help the museum to offer school children and visitors more accessible information on different aspects of our displayed vehicles. It will also be valuable for school educational trips.”

Labour Transport Spokesperson, Sandra Gage, said “As an engineer, I fully support Ipswich Transport Museum and have long appreciated the uniqueness of its collection, and its value to the community. The museum has helped to educate and entertain people of all ages, as well as draw enthusiastic tourists from across the UK, for decades now. It is an important part of the town’s cultural landscape which serves to remind us of Ipswich’s distinctive engineering history.”


Cllr Gage added “I am delighted to have been able to fund new uniforms for the dedicated volunteers who have done so much to renovate and maintain the vehicles at the museum.  It’s great that I and my fellow Councillors can use our allotted locality budget funding to support such an important local establishment.”

Cllr Bill Quinton, County Councillor for Priory Heath, said “It has been my honour to have represented Priory Heath as a Borough and County Councillor for nearly 33 years. For every one of those years, the Ipswich Transport Museum has been an important part of the Priory Heath community. I’m really pleased that I am able to help the museum, so that it can continue to educate and entertain new generations to come.”


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