Lowestoft Councillors provide over £1,200 for local nursery and pre-school

Set up by local parents as a non-profit co-operative, Rainbow Day Nursery and Pre-School offers childcare and education for well over 100 children from Lowestoft and the surrounding area, providing a valuable service within the community for local youngsters.

As part of ongoing efforts to improve facilities and children’s experiences, Rainbow recently set up an ‘outdoor explorers group’ after acquiring the field as part of the Rainbow Day Nursery and pre-school facilities from Suffolk County Council. This has allowed children, some of whom live in flats and housing without gardens, the opportunity and freedom for natural outdoor play and exploration.

Sue Cole, nursery manager who works at Rainbow said, “All the sessions for our outdoor ‘explorers group’ have a structure to them that allow for the children to learn and play within the natural environment. Most of our children live in a very built up and deprived area, so being able to interact and learn in this way is very important. All the children thoroughly enjoy these sessions and for some children it has really helped their language development and their engagement in activities.”

Mrs. Cole continued, “These sessions are held in all weathers and, using the Locality Budget contribution made by the Councillors, we have been able to purchase a summer house. Now we can offer a larger variety of activities for the children, even in really bad weather.”

Cllr Janet Craig said, “It was my pleasure to contribute some of my allocated Locality Budget funding to what has become an important part of the local community. The services that Rainbow provides, and their positive effect on local children and families, is all important in these difficult times.”

Cllr Keith Patience added “Cuts from central and local government, combined with economic uncertainty, have hit children and families in Lowestoft extremely hard. Rainbow helps children to learn and grow through activities that would be completely unavailable to them if Rainbow did not provide them. I am delighted to sponsor this wonderful Nursery and Pre school through my locality budget and hope that it will continue to flourish.”


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