Cllr Peter Byatt concerned about ambulance response times

As a Councillor elected by the residents of Pakefield, my bread and butter is helping my constituents in Pakefield through their everyday concerns and challenges. It has been my honour to do this since 2013 – and I hope to be able to continue to do it for four more years!

One such case has been the cause of great concern for me. Recently, an ambulance crew took an hour and 20 minutes to attend the scene after a vehicle hit a wall and rolled on to its roof in the front garden of a Pakefield home.

I’m glad to say that the accident was not serious and nobody was seriously harmed. The four occupants of the car were fortunate that nearby Pakefield residents – displaying quick wits and excellent community spirit – hurried to their aid, providing comfort until an ambulance arrived.

I would like to take a moment to thank those residents for acting so selflessly.

While it was perhaps not the most accessible part of Pakefield, it was far from cut off or isolated. This sort of delay for any road traffic accident is concerning and while it is not my place to criticise an ambulance service that is doing its best under increasingly difficult circumstances, if this delay can be directly attributed to cuts to the ambulance service, then it shows just how inexcusable these cuts have been.

What I would like to know is how many of you out there in Lowestoft and, indeed, the rest of Suffolk, have experienced any similar delays? Does anyone out there have any such stories to share?

If you do, then please get in touch with me at:

Peter Byatt photo

Peter Byatt, Labour County Councillor for Pakefield

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