Suffolk County Council Vote in Favour of Labour Motion to Enforce MND Charter


Suffolk County Council has agreed to adopt the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Charter in support of local people living with this terminal disease and their carers.

MND is a fatal, rapidly progressing disease that can leave people locked in a failing body, unable to move, talk and eventually breathe. It kills around a third of people within a year of diagnosis, and more than half within two years. There is no cure.

Unfortunately, MND is still little understood and this contributes to many people with the disease not receiving the care and support they need.  The MND Charter was launched to change this.

Labour Councillor, Keith Patience, who proposed the Motion, said “I brought this Motion to Council because it is vital that we build awareness of MND, so that those living with this devastating disease can maximise their quality of life and die with dignity. I am delighted our council has agreed to adopt the MND Charter.”

Labour’s Sonia Barker, who seconded the Motion, said “The Council’s support of this Motion and the MND Charter is a positive first step, but more must be done to ensure that the County can deliver on the promise made today and guarantee those with this illness a good standard of care – especially in the East of the County.”

Linda Tipper, from Lowestoft, who is living with MND in Lowestoft, said: “Going from a strong independent woman who lives on her own to needing support in dealing with the change MND brings was so hard for me. Let us hope a cure for this devastating disease can be found, and in the meantime, people get the help and support they need to live as well as possible with the disease.”

Chris James, Director of External Affairs for the MND Association said “The importance of the MND Charter is undeniable. We want everyone to be clear that access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time, as set out in our Charter, can transform lives.”

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