Post-16 Transport Consultation – make your voice heard!

Suffolk County Council are running a consultation on Post-16 Transport.

The best way to ensure that the Council is held accountable and actually delivers on its promise to provide good quality services is by telling them directly through a consultation.

If you are a parent of a 16-18-year-old who is still in full time education or training and your son or daughter relies on Council transport to get to their college/workplace, then please fill out the questionnaire.

Labour Councillors think that young people should have free access to education whether they are under 16 or over 16 – and that needs to include the travel!  We have made that point before, and we will make it again.  But actually the message will be far stronger coming from the affected parents than it is from us, so go ahead – make your voice heard!

Link to the consultation is here.

Details on new Post-16 Travel Policy: 2017-2018-post-16-travel-policy-final


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