Travel Ipswich – A more fitting end

‘£21million Travel Ipswich project is finally set to finish’.

I can’t be the only Ipswich resident to be really confused by this headline from the Evening Star front page on the 10th January.

There has been several press statements from the County Council saying this for the last 18 months. I was categorically told by the County Council Cabinet Member for transport that Travel Ipswich was finished in a live Radio Suffolk broadcast in Easter last year.

The Council has stated to me every time I asked in the last two years that all of the £21million had been spent and so there was no funding available for outstanding items such as improvements to Woodbridge rd/Argyle street junction and toilets in the Cattlemarket bus station to name just two. And that any other planned highway projects for Ipswich such as the rail station forecourt, Princes Street and Queens Street were NOT part of, nor funded from, Travel Ipswich.

Travel Ipswich really has been a muddle from start to finish, and its benefits are still, if ever, to be seen. It has been an example of poor planning, atrocious communications, and appalling delivery –  two years over the original completion date. But most importantly an example of how the Tory run County Council thinks it can say and behave how it wants when it comes to Ipswich.

So, if Travel Ipswich really is only now being finished off, let’s use the last few pounds in the funds to build the one thing everyone is asking for; the Cattlemarket bus station toilets.

It’s quite obvious the money can be found when it suits Suffolk County Council. Hundreds signed a Labour petition in 2014 for the toilets; East Suffolk Federation of the WI have marched on Endeavour House demanding toilets; Ipswich Borough Council pledged two years ago to maintain the toilets.

So come on Suffolk County Council let’s make new toilets in the bus station the final, definitely final, headline that Travel Ipswich is finished!

Sandra Gage, Labour Spokesperson for Transport


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