Lack of planning is a ‘disgrace’


Labour Councillors on Suffolk County Council have called on the administration to come clean on their plans for the long-term care of people with learning difficulties as a report into council finances calls identifies them as an issue for council budgets.The 2017/18 Actual Revenue and Capital Spending report highlights areas where the council is spending more than it has budgeted and on which services[1]. The report identifies the care purchasing budget is due to be overspent by around £1.5m with two areas being the main causes. The first cause is the lack of planning by the Conservative administration for the increased numbers of people with learning difficulties living into older age who have increasingly complex needs.

The second issue is the increased cost of providing care for old people due to the lack of providers in the north of Suffolk. This is another shameful act of neglect by the county council to plan effective care for our older people.

Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Sandra Gage said; ‘The lack of foresight by this Tory administration in planning the care for the most vulnerable in our society is a disgrace. It is not difficult to work out how many people in the county who need care, but time and again, despite repeated warnings from the Labour Group this administration seems unable to undertake this simple exercise.

“Once again it is the most vulnerable in Suffolk who are left to carry the can for the poor planning this administration appears to pride itself on.”




The council paper can be found at

[1] The details can be found on p.204 para 15 of the report

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