‘Disappointing’ Key Stage 1 results released

Following the release of the Key Stage 1 phonics test results by the Department of Education Labour Councillors are calling for Suffolk County Council to do more as once again the phonics test results show Suffolk children are behind the national average in all subjects of reading, writing, mathematics and science.

The figures released today show that there has been no relative increase in the standard of Suffolk pupils at Key Stage 1 despite the administration spending large amounts of money on Raising the Bar and school improvement generally. There was no Key Stage 1 phonics subject in which Suffolk reached the national average in either category of ‘reaching the expected standard’ or ‘working at greater depth’.

Labour Spokesperson for Children’s Services Cllr Helen Armitage; “These results are very disappointing for everyone concerned, it shows that despite the best efforts of the administration Suffolk still lags behind the national average in all four areas of reading writing, maths and science.

“I would like to see more done to ensure that our children are given the support they need to increase their skills in these basics so that less intervention is needed as they move through their school years. All the evidence shows that the better a child’s skills in these core subjects early in life the better their long-term life chances”.



Notes to Editors

The tables can be found at


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