Cuts to care will cause long term damage

Labour Leader and Shadow Spokesperson for Finance has called on the Conservative administration on Suffolk County Council to think again over the punitive cuts to the Adult and Social Care budget that will be presented to the Council’s Scrutiny Committee next Tuesday.

 Papers released today show that the bulk of the councils cuts next year will fall on care purchasing. This means that older people will undoubtedly be left to fend for themselves in their old age as the council looks to ‘mitigate care purchasing demand increases’, or in plain English cut services for older people.

Other cuts include a reduction in subsidised rural transport services. The Tory administration notes the inflationary pressures on bus and transport providers through increases in fuel prices, but basically says ‘tough’. This cut will lead to a reduction in the services for our elderly people which is likely to have the exact opposite effect of mitigating care cuts by increasing the social isolation and thereby increasing the associated costs.

 Labour Leader Cllr Sandra Gage said; “An £11m cut to Adult Care Services will decimate this council’s ability to deliver high quality effective care provision. This cut will only lead to a worse service, poorer care and an increased likelihood that the most vulnerable in society will fall through the safety net that this council should provide. This is at a time when Suffolk County Council is already predicting a £2.34m overspend in Adult Social Care. We are on the edge of a precipice and more needs to be done at a national level to mitigate these cuts”

 “The cuts to subsidised transport, whilst they may be small, will have an enormous impact above and beyond the £150k that the council will save. It is disgusting that the Conservative administration can think that by removing £11m from the care system and decreasing opportunities for the elderly to get out and about they are providing anything other than public services on the cheap.

 “There is a real danger of rural isolation and a decrease in the educational opportunities of our young people which will only hold this county back. The cuts to rural bus subsidies is the most unnecessary of the cuts and we will be calling on the administration to reject this.

 Notes to Editors

Papers for the Scrutiny Committee can be found at,%20Scrutiny%20Committee



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