Suffolk County Council budget cuts revealed

Conservatives on Suffolk County Council have released the details of their 2018/19 budget cuts ahead of next week’s Cabinet meeting which confirms they will cut a further £26.8m of services.

The papers confirm the there will be £12m taken from the already stretched Adult and Community Services (ACS) budget with the largest impact being on the purchasing of care. Given the struggles of ACS to work within last year’s budget further cuts will leave the care service even further stretched.

Labour Group Leader Cllr Sarah Adams said; “Care services in Suffolk are already stretched. The staff who work with and for the council in delivering these services under incredible pressure. These cuts are a false saving, they will increase uncertainty and worry for all involved and only lead to pushing higher costs further down the line.”

Other cuts include a £20,000 cut to support for Citizens Advice and a withdrawal of the subsidies for rural transport. Both these cuts in particular are short sighted and penalise those with the greatest need.

Cllr Adams said; “The Councils own report states that the Citizens Advice provides a high return on investment and they make a valuable contribution to mental health and wellbeing as well as the local economy. Given the saving is £20,000 we think this is the most outrageous cut and one we would look to reverse. A Labour administration would look to support organisations that help Suffolk flourish, not cut them.

“The cuts to passenger transport connecting communities amounts to £100,000. The council admits that this means many community transport organisations can no longer bid for local authority work leaving many isolated which will only speed up more expensive council interventions later down the line. Labour believe in investing to save, not cutting to hurt”





Notes to Editors

Papers can be found at,%20The%20Cabinet

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