County Council care cuts confirmed

Conservatives on Suffolk County Council have confirmed that they will cut another £11m from the Social Care budget cuts for 2018/19 despite concerns that these cuts will only force higher costs onto the council later down the line.

The £11m of cuts this year make the total identified savings to Adult Care since 2011/12 amounts to an eyewatering £71m. That is £71m of identified need that Suffolk County Council have withdrawn.

The Labour Group have already received correspondence from people worried about the impact of these cuts. The group have seen letters sent to those receiving sheltered support services notifying them that this support will be withdrawn in April and that people now need to make their own provision.

This is another example of the short-term salami-slicing approach of Conservatives on this council. Sheltered housing support is a preventative service that enables people to live in their own home for longer. The withdrawal of this service will only force people out of their own homes into high cost care homes.

Labour Leader Cllr Sarah Adams said; “It is a disgrace that this administration claims to be preserving preventative measures when they are actively removing support that means people have to move to more expensive care homes.

“Not only are care homes more expensive, they are in increasingly short supply. Given that Suffolk County Council pay less than Norfolk for each care home place it is no surprise that care home providers deliver less services in our county and would rather provide good services in Norfolk where they get paid at more appropriate levels.”

She added; “For all the glad handing our Council Leader does Suffolk’s Adult Social Care services don’t seem to be getting an appropriate level of funding. It is about time Cllr Noble focussed on Suffolk’s care crisis with the urgency it needs.”





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