Suffolk GCSE results data show no improvement

Labour’s Education Spokesperson Cllr Jack Abbott has described Suffolk County Council’s ‘Raising the Bar’ initiative as a ‘failure’ after Suffolk’s position of 108th in the Local Authority attainment league table data was revealed.

The Department for Education (DfE) released figures today (25th January 2018) which show that the average GCSE attainment levels of pupils in Suffolk is still in the bottom third of all local authorities across the country.

Revised Key Stage 2 data has also been released, showing that Suffolk is ranked 147th out of 152 local authorities for those pupils reaching the expected standard in maths with only seven other local authorities having a lower number of pupils reaching the expected standard of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Labour argues that it is clear why Suffolk is not at the top of the league tables for attainment when pupils are having to progress further between the ages of 11 and 16 than those pupils who live in authorities who get excellent Key Stage 2 results.

Cllr Abbott said; “These results show that our children, teachers and schools are not getting the funding and support they need from this Tory Council. There is no doubt that we have some of the most hardworking teachers and support staff in the country and some incredibly bright and talented students. It is an absolute scandal that they are robbed of the support and opportunities that they so richly deserve.

“We know that when children leave the early years settings they are well prepared for school; Department for Education statistics show this. We know from today’s figures that from 11-16 pupils make some progress, but for some reason our pupils are being failed between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

“The fact that Suffolk has some of the lowest numbers of 11-year olds who are at the expected standard in spelling and mathematics means the journey they have to take to get good GCSE grades is much further than virtually every other pupil in the country.”

Cllr Abbott added; “These results underline that this Council’s ‘Raising the Bar’ initiative has been a failure, with Suffolk’s education system stagnating for too long. This administration has been so focussed on other ideological projects such as cutting school transport that they have forgotten about what they should be doing which is giving all children access to the very best education.

“It’s time they laid their ideology aside, put pupils and staff of this County first and deliver real change.”



The revised GCSE data can be found at

The revised Key Stage 2 data can be found at


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