Labour budget amendment voted down

Labour councillor Peter Gardiner today presented a budget amendment to Suffolk County Council to reverse the punitive cuts to voluntary organisations that help save the council money in the long run.

The budget amendment which was voted down by the Conservative administration was discussed by the council at the budget meeting on the 8th February 2018 where Cllr Gardiner presented a progressive budget amendment which aims to encourage growth, rather than pursue an ideological agenda of cuts. The amendment looks to reverse the cuts to the Citizens Advice cut of £20,000, the cut to Greenways of £14,000 and retain the bus subsidy of £150,000 per year for the next 3 years.

Despite unnecessary and repeated personal attacks by the Conservatives, Cllr Gardiner said; “Our budget amendment offered a progressive, inclusive way forward for Suffolk County Council which promoted growth and fairness for all of Suffolk’s citizens. All three of our budget revisions are fiscally responsible and we know that, rather than costing the council money, these changes would have promoted Suffolk’s long-term prosperity.

“We only have to look at the problems in Northamptonshire to see that across the country local government is under incredible strain because of Conservative austerity measures. This Labour amendment was put forward to show we wanted to work together for the people of Suffolk, but obviously Conservative ideology means they cannot do that. We have the lowest economic growth rates since 2012, a £2bn social care funding gap and service cuts for many years to come. The position of local government is perilous and this budget does nothing to quash that fear.”



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