Concern as four in five domestic abuse cases in Suffolk left unsolved

Labour Councillor Kathy Bole has expressed her concern over the release of figures showing the clean-up rate of domestic abuse reports in Suffolk is down to just one in five cases, at a time when there has been a huge rise in the number of cases reported.
According to figures released today there were over 6,000 incidents of domestic abuse reported in the 12 months to 31st March 2018 an increase of 27%, but the number of cases solved has not kept pace with the increase in reporting.
Cllr Bole said; “It is very worrying that the number of cases solved has dropped. It is very easy for the Police and Crime Commissioner to say that the Suffolk Constabulary has come a long way in recent years in terms of supporting abused women, but more needs to be done. The police need to foster a more welcoming environment for victims to come forward.”
She added; “Further work is needed to ensure the victims in these crimes have the right level of support to be able to come forward and help increase the number of prosecutions. It is clear that ongoing police service funding cuts are at the root of this issue. The more money that is cut from a specific service, the less it is going to be able to provide. Whilst funding can be rightly diverted to solve issues of domestic violence, this is going to leave the service short elsewhere.
“No matter what Cllr Passmore may say this issue is compounded by Conservative government funding cuts and more money is needed to support victims through the proper funding of more women’s refuges and support services.”

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