Tory Meals on Wheels outsourcing ‘a disgrace’

Following the news that Aspect Living Foundation have taken over the running of the County’s Meal on Wheels service Cllr Sarah Adams Leader of the Labour Group on Suffolk County Council made the following statement

“I am delighted that Aspect Living have agreed to take on the Meals on Wheels service, but it is a disgrace that it is not a properly funded public service delivered for vulnerable people in Suffolk. Meals on Wheels provides more than just a healthy meal to those that can’t make their own, it ensures much needed social contact.

“The Labour Group have been arguing for many years that the Meals on Wheels service provides a vital service for older people who are at risk from social isolation and the very many issues that brings. Social isolation increases the risk of both mental and physical illness and leads to much more costly interventions further down the line.

“It is a fact that health and social care costs incurred as a result of social isolation vastly outweigh the cost of excellent services such as Meals on Wheels and it is for that reason we need to thank those at Aspect Living whilst initiating a conversation at Suffolk County Council about how to ensure the service has a long term sustainable future.”


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