Increased ambulance funding cautiously welcomed

Suffolk County Council’s Labour Group Leader Cllr Sarah Adams has cautiously welcomed the news that increased funding for the beleaguered East of England Ambulance Service will lead to more ambulances and staff in the region.

Following the news that a further £15m will be spent on the ambulance service over the next two years it has been confirmed that the increased funding will create 330 new jobs and put an extra 160 double-staffed ambulances on the road.

Cllr Adams said; “Whilst the extra funding to help the East of England Ambulance Service in this difficult time is very obviously very welcome, we need to make sure the root causes of this increase in demand is addressed too.

“There is much evidence that ambulances are being used for the wrong types of journey and improvements in triaging are needed. The situation is not helped by the fragmentation of the NHS where the large number of different systems across health, social care and patient transport does not help the Ambulance Services’ ability to deliver the high-quality service it should.”




Notes to Editors

East of England Ambulance Service press release can be found at


East of England Ambulance service has:

  • 324 front line ambulances
  • 202 marked response cars
  • 175 non-emergency ambulances (PTS and HCRTs vehicles)
  • 46 HART/major incident/resilience vehicles

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