Labour call for Ofsted to inspect ‘outstanding’ Suffolk schools

Labour’s Education Spokesperson at Suffolk County Council, Cllr Jack Abbott, has today made an appeal to Ofsted, after it was revealed that twenty-three Suffolk schools rated ‘outstanding’ have not been inspected for more than six years.

Cllr Abbott, has written to Amanda Spielman, Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, requesting her to ‘commit to carrying out an urgent review of the current situation’ and to ‘put appropriate measures in place to ensure that all schools are inspected more consistently.’

Currently forty-eight schools in the county have an ‘outstanding’ rating. However, six of these schools have not been inspected in ten years or more, while a further seventeen have not been formally assessed in the last six years.

One school was last inspected in October 2006 – nearly twelve years ago.

In a letter to Ms Spielman, Cllr Abbott said; “Whilst I understand that current legislation makes ‘outstanding’ schools exempt from inspection, I believe that is unacceptable for whole cohorts of pupils to have passed through their school without receiving a single Ofsted inspection.

“I am confident that that these schools would retain their ‘outstanding’ rating, but it is imperative that they receive an inspection as soon as feasibly possible.”

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