Tories promise to target the vulnerable as financial black hole revealed

Leader of the Opposition Labour Group on Suffolk County Council, Cllr Sarah Adams, has condemned the Conservative administration after it was announced that the council has once again failed to keep control of the county’s finances.

The Tories have announced there is a £9m black hole in the county’s finances and they have pointed the finger of blame solely at the most vulnerable in society. The cost of looking after children in care and specialist social workers for children are cited as some of the reasons for the over spend.

Cllr Adams said; “The announcement by the administration makes no apology, shows no remorse and fails to take ownership of the issues giving those who rely on the services they need only more fear and uncertainty.

“The financial problems for the County Council are compounded by the Conservatives’ ideologically driven cuts agenda which has stunted growth in Suffolk. Since 2009, they have taken a regressive and economically illiterate approach to the council’s finances.

“They have failed to invest in the future of public services and we are now reaping the consequences of stifled economic growth.

“By its own admission the council are now going to target the most vulnerable in our society, specifically children and adults in care.

“And at the same time this council wastes unidentified amounts of money on vanity projects such as the Upper Orwell Crossing and consultants from Respublika to advise on a unitary authority bid that could never happen.

“Labour councils across the country have done things differently to protect public services, so the Tories should hang their head in shame as they look over the permanent damage they have caused to our county.”

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