Labour candidate announced for Bosmere by-election

Emma Bonner-Morgan has been selected as the Labour candidate for the upcoming Bosmere by-election, due to be held on Thursday 25th October.

Emma, who is a teacher and musician, said; “I have lived and worked in Suffolk for 20 years. I love Suffolk and am passionate about ensuring that Suffolk County Council is well run and being held to account so that we all have the best possible experience for ourselves our children and their future.

“My experience tells me that this is not always the case. I have witnessed the cuts to school funding and have seen the damage caused to our children’s education.

“I know that together we can make Suffolk so much better.”

Under the Tories:

  • Suffolk will lose over £7million of school funding with rural primary schools suffering the largest drop in per pupil funding
  • Suffolk’s roads are no longer fit for purpose, with pothole reports doubling over the past year
  • Bus subsidies have been cut by 60% whilst damaging home-to-school transport changes have been forced on rural schools and families
  • Tory Police and Crime Commissioner to slash Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) by a third
  • Fire response times in Suffolk is nearly three minutes more than the national average, putting rural communities at risk

Labour would:

  • Take failing academies back under local authority control and deliver a full range of provision to ensure that all children receive the very best education
  • Invest to improve the quality of our roads and adopt a common sense approach in order to repair potholes promptly and permanently
  • Protect bus subsidies and reverse the home-to-school transport changes, saving families who want to send their children to a catchment school nearly £1,000 per year, per child
  • Put police officers back on the streets, providing rural communities with more visible policing
  • Reverse the cuts to full-time crewed fire engines, giving Suffolk back its full fire protection

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