Tory ‘Greenest County’ claim undermined by falling recycling rates

Suffolk County Council have revealed that the level of recycling in the county has dropped for the fourth year in a row, leaving the Conservative administration claim to be the ‘Greenest County’ in tatters.

Papers released ahead of the Scrutiny Committee meeting on Thursday 27th September showed that recycling levels had dropped to 48% in Quarter 4 2017/18, down from 53.1% in the same period in 2014/15.

Bizarrely, the council have blamed the long winter on the decrease, despite a year-on-year decrease in recycling rates for the past four years. Additionally, the figures show that this year’s fall is not the biggest drop in recycling rates in that period.

Labour’s Shadow Spokesperson for Public Protection and the Environment, Cllr Peter Gardiner said; “Suffolk County Council claims to be the ‘Greenest County’ yet, in reality, these figures paint a very different picture.

“The reason the Tories on the council gives for this fall is that the winter was too long, but this was not the case for the three previous years.

“The real reasons for a reduction in recycling is that Tory-led district and borough councils in Suffolk now charge for brown bins and the recycling centres are closed for part of the week. This is in contrast to a Labour administration on Ipswich Borough Council who have kept brown bins free for their residents.

“If the Tories in Suffolk want to make the ‘Greenest County’ a reality, they need to do more than offer soundbites and actually deliver practical solutions to increase recycling rates.”

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